The day that I received my first rites in Reiki was a most beautiful day. It was neither sunny nor pleasant outside. As I practiced with my Reiki Master drawing the ancient symbols over and over again, small drops of rain began to fall upon the river that we sat beside. Birds flew just above the water’s surface before my view and I realized that I was seeing and experiencing the world as if brand new. The day lengthened and it grew more wondrous and beautiful. My experience with the learning and the practice of Reiki has been a fulfilling path that has led me to an ever increasing appreciation of life and the limitless power of healing energy. - Randy Anderson

I would highly recommend Randall’s Reiki abilities to anyone. Randy of GoIndigo™ not only has Reiki healing and telling abilities, but a soothing reassuring calm manner about him that I found to be very positive and helpful. He is a very seeing, feeling, telling and competent Reiki administrator. - Deborah H., OH

I was dealing with a pain in my left chest region for a couple of weeks. It was a nagging pain that I had tried to ease with medication and movement to no avail. I decided to make an appointment with my physician. Before the date of the appointment I had brought it to Randall’s attention and he mentioned my consent for him to do distance Reiki on me, as I am located in another state. After agreeing to the treatment, I noticed that by the afternoon the ache was completely gone. I later asked when he performed the session, and he replied before noon. - Deborah H., OH

I developed a seroma following abdominal surgery (fluid accumulation). I had an appointment with my surgeon to drain it, which involved a big needle and didn’t sound very fun. Randy performed Reiki and gave me dietary instructions. The treatment was so successful that the next morning I was able to cancel my appointment and the seroma has not returned. Thanks Randy!! - Jayne P., Tx