Most pet owners at one point or another, have sought out veterinary, boarding, or training services for their animals.   What goes into choosing a service provider for your beloved pet - Location?  Results? Services offered? GoIndigo Animal Services offers a unique blend of traditional boarding and training services combined with energy healing to help ease the stress and anxiety experienced during times of illness, injury, boarding or training. 

Are you going on vacation and need a pet sitter but don’t want to upset your animal’s normal routine? Sending your animal to a temporary boarding facility can cause unnecessary stress, especially in older animals.  We can send a Certified Indigo Healer™ to not only feed, play or stay with your animal, but also keep them emotionally and physically balanced while you are away.

Much like traditional medical treatments, ongoing healing and therapeutic services are just as important for any of our friends with feathers, fins or fur. Our Certified Indigo Healers™ that specialize in holistic animal care can provide much needed emotional and physical relief to an animal that has been ill, suffered a trauma or simply has anxiety.  And let's not forget our "service animals" such as search & rescue dogs, disability guide dogs, police & military canines, and competition & therapeutic riding horses.  These working animals are under greater emotional and physical stress just from the nature of their work.  Allow a Certified Indigo Healer™ to care for your animal, so that animal can take better care of you.

Benefits of providing Reiki energy healing treatments on your animal from a Certified Indigo Healer™

  • Relief of pain from trauma or injury
  • Relief of pain from illness and disease
  • Sooths anxious or high strung animals
  • Provides physical, mental and emotional support as well as healing before and after any surgical procedure
  • Provides support for rescue animals in adjusting to their new families and surroundings
  • Brings a good flow of energy to older animals, revitalizing and rejuvenating them

Reiki for animals supports the healing of emotional, behavioral, and physical illnesses and injuries.   However, Reiki isn’t only for animals that have an illness / injury. For animals who are healthy, Reiki helps maintain their health, enhances relaxation and provides an emotional sense of peace and contentment.  

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