Mother Earth needs our help right now.  Whether there is a hurricane ravaging the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, a wildfire raging in California, an oil spill in the Prince William Sound of Alaska, or simply the careless damage and destruction caused in the name of human progress - resources are needed to fix and restore our beautiful planet. 

Traditionally speaking, this means bringing in cleanup crews, building crews, DNR, EPA, organizations specializing in fixing and restoring.  However, this only puts a band-aid on the real damage.  Believing that every rock, tree, and animate being on this planet is energy, more is needed to heal them.  Positive energy in the form of bio-energetic healing is needed.  Just as people are affected by traumatic events, energies of land, structures, and space are also affected by events in and around them.  Many continue to radiate those energies until cleared.  So imagine the healing potential team of Certified Indigo Healers™ who synergistically concentrate their high vibrational healing power into the environment.  It's amazing!

Benefits of providing Reiki energy healing treatments to the environment from a Certified Indigo Healer™

  • Renewed balance and harmony to surrounding area
  • Increased vitality of soil, plants, nature ready for restoration
  • Return of indiginous plants and animals
  • Resurgence of freshly oxygenated air
  • Counterbalance volitle climate conditions
  • Ability to locate underground water supplies
  • Improved quality of underground water supplies

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