GoIndigo™ Stables

We are a full service equestrian facility providing horse boarding, training, riding lessons, healing & therapeutic services, horse shows and clinics. 


What makes GoIndigo™ Stables unique? Not only do we offer boarding, training and lessons like many other facilities, but we also offer a general health and healing package with our board. GoIndigo™ Stables customers have the opportunity to choose health and healing packages including nutritional analysis, balanced supplementation and ongoing Reiki sessions weekly for their horse by our own Certified Indigo Healer™ or apprenticeship student.

Additionally, GoIndigo™ Stables offers long term rehabilitation/therapeutic packages that can work in conjunction with traditional veterinary medicine to provide intensive Indigo Reiki healing services to horses with serious rehabilitative needs.

Horses generally respond quite positively to Reiki as it allows them to control their treatment. Allowing the animal to decided if they are most comfortable with hands on treatments or treatments from a distance with the ability to walk freely about accepting as much or as little energy as they wish. GoIndigo™ Stables has a special indoor treatment area that supports both methods.  Horses in this program tend to be healthier, happier and more balanced equine partners.  Learn more about our boarding and healing packages today! 

Students coming to GoIndigo™ in the Equestrian Animal affinity program will work with the GoIndigo™ horses and program participant boarders to get their practical hands-on experience.   

GoIndigo™ Dog Kennels

The GoIndigo™ Dog Kennel facility provides dog boarding, in-home boarding, doggie day care, healing & therapeutic services as well as behavioral training.

Students coming to GoIndigo™ in the Canine Animal affinity program will work with the GoIndigo™ therapy dogs as well as kennel program participants to get their practical hands-on experience.  

Benefits of providing Reiki energy healing treatments on your animal:

  • Relief of pain from trauma or injury
  • Relief of pain from illness and disease
  • Soothing for anxious or high strung animals
  • Provides physical, mental and emotional support & healing prior to and after any surgical procedure
  • Provides support for rescue animals in adjusting to their new families and surroundings
  • Brings a good flow of energy to older animals, revitalizing & rejuvenating them

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