Did you know that people can receive healing through animals?  GoIndigo™ has a team of miniature horses and dogs that have been Reiki certified to provide bio-energetic healing services to humans, as well as to other animals.  GoIndigo™ therapy animals travel with their Certified Indigo Handler™ to people’s homes, hospitals, nursing homes, treatment facilities, etc. in order to deliver their unique gift of bio-energetic healing. 

Animals have the innate ability to connect in a way that humans cannot.  Many studies show how Autistic or emotionally wounded individuals respond positively to an animal where other humans were not able to get any response at all.  Now imagine if that animal was attuned to deliver bio-energetic healing therapies to these individuals?  Not only is the recipient able to feel a loving, non-ego connection with another living being, but they are receiving bio-energetic healing as well.  GoIndigo™ therapy animals deliver just that.  How powerful!

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If you or someone you know would like to experience bio-energetic healing from a GoIndigo™ Certified Therapy Animal contact us today!