What does it mean to be a Navigator? What can I do to keep my child emotionally and physically balanced? What can I do to keep MYSELF balanced?

By awakening your inner teacher, you can more easily show your Indigo how to do the same. Perhaps the Indigo Soul in your care has already sparked your inner teacher! You can further nurture this through by becoming a Certified Indigo Navigator™. Become empowered, energized and inspired to create the optimal environment for your Indigo to thrive. Learn how to kindle your Indigo’s gifts and allow your child to ignite his or her passions. Along with learning a number of Indigo Level 1 techniques, navigators are given personal support and healing as well as taught how to view their child(ren) and experiences objectively.  This leads to an overal understanding and contentment.  In this program, you can expect to cover topics like:

  •      Being part of an Indigo family
  •      A Wellness Plan
  •      BodyGuard 101
  •      Education Advocacy
  •      Reiki Training

...and much more!  Interested in what we talk about? Contact us to receive information on becoming a Certified Indigo Navigator™ today!