To be certified means different things to different people. In the corporate world, it signifies “proven or validated expertise in a specified area.”  To be certified isn’t just about attending training and receiving a completion certificate.

At GoIndigo™, 
We assess & validate the education you received is absorbed.
We experience the knowledge you gained is accurately conveyed to others.
We coach you through being practiced and have mastery of your craft.
We support you if you make mistakes and help you learn from them.  
We surround you with peers and mentors to help you evolve.
We witness you allowing self-awareness and personal growth.

How do you KNOW you are on your path as an Indigo Healer?  You’ve earned your certification.

To be a Certified Indigo Healer™ is to awaken your knowing and step into purpose. Can you hear it?  It’s calling….

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